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Monday, 31 December 2012

a new year present from us to you


Choose one out of the two styles and be inspired!
Have a GREAT evening everyone, have fun and stay safe tonight! x

Batik Batik

Friday, 23 November 2012

mix & match S/S 12/13 compilation

Mix & Match from Batik Batik's Spring/Summer 12/13 Collection

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Batik Batik

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

behind the scene - photoshoot HS 12/13


Our beautiful LARA xx

Jumpy jumpsuits... *in love*

Sweet and elegant... It's got to be Christmas xx

Two peas in a pod - Yola and Fenny

Classy look x

And then here it goes, Bohemian!

It's a wrap!

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Saturday, 17 November 2012

batik batik on a hunt - HS 12/13

Just a very few random snapshots taken from the day when our designer & seamstress duo were hunting additional materials for Batik Batik's next collection: HIGH SUMMER 2012/2013

Luscious much?

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Batik Batik

the unfinished business


About a week ago, T - our Fashion Stylist / Director - paid a visit to a Batik Exhibition and Workshop in Indonesia. She went to the exhibition to earn more knowledge about Indonesian batik (which is apparently very broad). From her: "It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Rusydi a Madurese batik artisan and Mrs. Indra who was my lecturer back in uni who is now aside of teaching she is also an encourager at Mbatikyuuk - an Indonesian independent organisation which purpose is to spread the words about Indonesian batik."

T also went to a batik workshop which was held by Mbatikyuuk. She tried to draw her own batik pattern and wanted to make an actual batik material ready to use to create a garment. But unfortunately, she was not able to finish the process because of her tight schedules... Oh well! From her: "My magic touch didn't work! It was very difficult to put the wax on the fabric. And I would need to draw on both sides of the fabric. It surely is very intricate and time-consuming. Guess for now I better off designing the ready materials."


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Saturday, 10 November 2012

it's a wrap!

The Subject explains it all!

Stay tuned for the sneak peak guys! x

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Friday, 9 November 2012

business is usual, fashion is always

"Business is usual, Fashion is always!" - BB 

EXCITING! Batik Batik is currently looking for new materials and potentials for it's running business. Meetings and researches have been conducted and so far we are happy with our progress.

To our customers and fans, THANK YOU for your wonderful support! xoxo - BB


A morning meeting with BATIK INDONESIA at their "base-camp".

And followed by over-a-cup-of-coffee-meetings:

And finally... DINNER TIME! After those long meetings, we headed for a nice dinner to celebrate Batik Batik's Label Launch; "Kitchenette" at Central Park Mall Jakarta, we absolutely love it!
Sadly, my phone went flat before we get the chance to take photos of ourselves.
(...and all cameras were left in the car; guess we were just really hungry afterall.)

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

the first 5 days at home

...a personal post by T in plain simple english.

It was a long flight, but I'm finally here now at the best spot in town called "MY HOME".
Image: Kemang Pratama Residence, Bekasi.

So, here I am, and missing Australia already. Why? Well, I wouldn't say I was that disappointed because I knew it was coming; my internet connection has been very slow and breaking down which is why I have not been able to do my work properly. This is my first blogpost since I had reached here 5 days ago. 

That being said, I have had everything figured out and my schedules are in place, hopefully everything goes smoothly until when I will have to go back! SO EXCITED! *fingers crossed* xx

The net connection was being nice with me... Facebook is now live!
#OOTD (from left to right: To a Batik Workshop. To see my Indo friend from Sydney)
What a shame, all my batik clothes had not been steamed when I was in a rush leaving the house for the workshop!
#OOTD (A silk batik scarf to upgrade my casual meeting outfit - Love it!)

#OOTD I feel like a jumpsuit!
This #OOTD-stuff will be updated as I write more posts about my Indonesia journey!



1. Batik Workshop

2. Batik Batik Meetings - New Materials & Potentials On Board! 

3. Batik Batik on a hunt (H/S 12/13 and F/W 13)!


Thursday, 1 November 2012

stepping into the boredom

...personal post by T in simple english

Travelling much? You'd know what I mean by "2 hours of boredom". Oh well that's alright I guess, I'm still hanging on comfortably in my heels and that's what's important right? And the boredom kinda pumping my blogger-blood up. Posting from my mobile; find a few snapshots from the bore-ding room (also a couple shots from when I was about to step out of the house - and when I was on my way)

See you in Jakarta now!

x T

Got 3 heavy hand-carry! It's my lucky day that they let me through!

My nail comes in the way? It's ok I like it, it's plum-ish. x

On my way

Just being excited!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

destination: indonesia

Remember this image?

Well, after the launch of Batik Batik's premiere collection in Melbourne last month (Spring/Summer 2012/13), we are now flying back to Indonesia to prepare -more- materials for the next collection: HIGH SUMMER 2012/13! Schedule of departure: Nov 1st, at 4:20am.

We will definitely bring home a bunch of awesome stuffs, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, don't forget to check out our current promotion here: CLICK ME (hurry! it's ending on Nov 6 at 5:00pm!)

xoxo BB

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


...a personal post by T in plain english.

Oh my, I have been sitting on my desk for 2 hours with my eyes on Youtube. Gotta admit that I could spend hours on that addictive site especially on the FashionTV channel! I could be so hooked up that there would be no such things called breakfast, lunch, and dinner.. (Don't judge me, I know! Haha.) 

Well, there was a sole purpose of actually opening it in the first place which is to get some inspiration for my upcoming designs (collaborating with my lovely designers! credits go to them).


Speaking about designing, Batik Batik will hopefully reveal its next collection before Christmas! Meanwhile, enjoy our 50% off discount on all items, free shipping and +++ more surprises from Batik Batik e-boutique! Oh dear.. who would want to miss such a beautiful thing?

Anyway, me's back to work. Have a sweet night guys! xo

T. (pronounce it: TEA. duh)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

batik: an exquisite wearable art

So we guess batik is spreading it's wings. In fact, "it's a world-wide phenomena" says Dave Raya freelance ethno-photographer whose passion is to create understanding between the people, cultures, civilisations, faiths & world-views of our globe.

Do not mistaken batik with printed fabrics. Although batik has been internationally acknowledged and actually being used by quite a few local and international designers in their collections, many people still see it as a tropical flowered piece of clothing instead of a work of art. The methods of creating batik are very intricate, it makes batik stands out of the crowd; and naming itself, an exquisite wearable art. x

And it took off...

Check out more on batik in-the-making at: The Art of Batik

Love . Expression . Heritage
Batik Batik xo