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Saturday, 17 November 2012

the unfinished business


About a week ago, T - our Fashion Stylist / Director - paid a visit to a Batik Exhibition and Workshop in Indonesia. She went to the exhibition to earn more knowledge about Indonesian batik (which is apparently very broad). From her: "It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Rusydi a Madurese batik artisan and Mrs. Indra who was my lecturer back in uni who is now aside of teaching she is also an encourager at Mbatikyuuk - an Indonesian independent organisation which purpose is to spread the words about Indonesian batik."

T also went to a batik workshop which was held by Mbatikyuuk. She tried to draw her own batik pattern and wanted to make an actual batik material ready to use to create a garment. But unfortunately, she was not able to finish the process because of her tight schedules... Oh well! From her: "My magic touch didn't work! It was very difficult to put the wax on the fabric. And I would need to draw on both sides of the fabric. It surely is very intricate and time-consuming. Guess for now I better off designing the ready materials."


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