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Friday, 9 November 2012

business is usual, fashion is always

"Business is usual, Fashion is always!" - BB 

EXCITING! Batik Batik is currently looking for new materials and potentials for it's running business. Meetings and researches have been conducted and so far we are happy with our progress.

To our customers and fans, THANK YOU for your wonderful support! xoxo - BB


A morning meeting with BATIK INDONESIA at their "base-camp".

And followed by over-a-cup-of-coffee-meetings:

And finally... DINNER TIME! After those long meetings, we headed for a nice dinner to celebrate Batik Batik's Label Launch; "Kitchenette" at Central Park Mall Jakarta, we absolutely love it!
Sadly, my phone went flat before we get the chance to take photos of ourselves.
(...and all cameras were left in the car; guess we were just really hungry afterall.)

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  1. had a great day with the girls!
    can't wait for tomorrow