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Friday, 24 October 2014

Gorgeous Faces on Batik Batik Runway

Meet Batik Batik models for Gayana Fashion Show, Perth WA

Maddy Anderson
2014 Australia Galaxy Pageants 3rd Place Runner Up Winner
A pleasant girl to work with, smart and very pretty too!
From: Busselton, WA
Morgan Becker
Mechanical Engineering student, casual modelling
One word to describe her; STUNNING.
From: Duncraig, WA

Rafaela Castro
2014 Miss Teen WA at Miss Supermodel Worldwide Australia
Beautiful facial features, strong character. Professional.
Background: Brazilian
From: Perth, WA

Salomee Enderlin
Casual modelling.
Cooperative in work station, a beautiful French girl with such good attitude
Background: French
From: Perth, WA

Anna Renata
Wardrobe Stylist. Runway Model. Live art modelling.
Very passionate about modelling, strives for perfection.
Background: Polish
From: Perth, WA

Gerlie Siki
Casual Modelling
Great posture, great personality. Simply amazing.
Background: Congo
From: Perth, WA
Marketing Student at The University of Western Australia. Casual Modelling
Background: Indonesian
From: Perth, WA

Gracielle Gesteira
Casual Modelling
Super sweet and down-to-earth.
Background: Brazilian
From: Perth, WA

Kim Stewart
Casual Modelling
Tall and pretty, has such a gorgeous smile, highly recommended for beauty shots
From: Perth, WA

Maddy Andrews
Casual Modelling
Great body, great facial features, recommended for high end fashion shots
Background: Australian
From: Perth, WA

Caitlin Gerken
Casual Modelling
Play it retro! She's got the moves.
From: Perth, WA

From left to right; Kimberley, Maddy, Madi, Kim, Morgan, Anna, Caitlin, Rafaela, Gerlie, Gracielle, Salomee

"Absolutely loved them" - Tirta, Batik Batik Founder and Stylist

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

BATIK BATIK’s 1st Fashion Show at PPIA Curtin University’s GAYANA Cultural Event

I feel so elated for the past few weeks and I just want to share my experience with Batik Batik’s first major event with the Indonesian community. The fact that I get to do the things I love and share that passion and heritage to a lot of people brings me great joy. So here's how I launched my first Batik Batik fashion show... 

Batik Batik always had a flair for the bohemian, and being in love with this fashion era, I wanted a series of Batik chic modern dresses while keeping this avant-garde, eccentric spirit alive. So I went back to the drawing board and got in touch with my team.  After months of sourcing, collaborating and working, I finally have 11 beautiful batiks for Spring Summer 2015 Collection.  For this batch of designs,  I was inspired by the golden age of Hollywood appeal; iconic actresses and personalities who were/are known for their passion for fashion & have their distinct way of dressing up. This collection unlike my previous ones, have a wider range of sizes and are all midi dresses. Each piece has it's own personality and characteristics that compliment the female form. I called this collection La Dolce Vita, or the sweet life

While I was going thru the process of finalising my collection, I was contacted by Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Australia Curtin (PPIA) Curtin University thru this lovely girl named Hasianti. PPIA is a recognised organisation worldwide that serves as a facility where Indonesian students gather and share during their study in Australia.  And they invited me to their cultural event called “GAYANA” and wanted Batik Batik to participate and support our brand a stand out Indonesian Batik AUSTRALIAN Fashion line.

Official poster for the GAYANA Cultural Event 

What is the GAYANA? It is PPIA Curtin’s very first event which stands for "Pagelaran Budaya Seni Indonesia”or when translated means “Indonesian art and culture performances." This event features Indonesia’s different cultures from traditional dances, music and fashion. The purpose is to promote and share to the world the Indonesian Culture at the same time promote the beauty of Indonesian Heritage. As soon as they invited me, I HAD to be part of this! It’s my first big event and Batik Batik’s fashion show. This was a great opportunity to show the Gayana audience (both local and non-Indonesian) what I’ve been really passionate about.  It's certainly the perfect venue for Batik Batik’s brand relaunch!

Having my caffeine fix on my way to the airport. Perth I'm coming!
At Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne.

Come the week of the fashion show, I've had myself well-prepared regarding tickets, hotel reservations, etc... They were the first things I worked on, so I can get them out of the way. After that, were the dresses, organising the models, contacting people (and the list goes on.. and on).  It was hectic! And we didn't have much time (at all!). Luckily I got the help from my pretty friend Anggi of Lovethread, the lovely Julka of Bolushefashionblogger and one of the funniest girls I have come across Fifi of Fifi Photography who also owns a modelling agency and they all helped me by promoting Batik Batik's model casting calls. I found a few models who by the way were so very pretty and friendly! Anyway, to cut the long story short I felt really lucky to have these people I called "friends”.

Fifi of Fifi Photography

The "behind the scenes" were really hectic! This is our first fashion show and PPIA Curtin's first big event, so we all were going crazy together! I was hands-on on fitting all dresses, shoes, make up and even hair, with a great assistance from the students. We did work well together though. I had to make up a mini runway in the fitting room for the final rehearsal before the runway because the show was held at the Tavern bar and people already filled up the place. Well, we got everything done, and we were all very happy.

Apart from this, I had an amazing collaboration with Vangoh Shoes. Julka, the business manager and creative director assistant for Vangoh shoes came to me a few months ago to personally interview me on behalf of her personal fashion blog bolushefashionblogger. She is originally from Perth and when she found out I was coming to Perth for the fashion show she offered to collaborate & support Batik Batik :)) I was thrilled and of course I said yes. She's such a lovely and supportive girl, funny one too!

With JULKA, Business Manager & Creative Director Assistant for Vangoh Shoes.

What’s the most memorable time during the GAYANA Fashion Show? THE RUSH! Problems kept on coming one after the other but solutions popped right after too! My adrenaline was at its peak (LOL!). It was hectic and exciting! Absolutely loved it! And I loved how the efforts paid off from all the hard work done by everyone in the team.  And the amount of support I was getting was really overwhelming. It was absolutely marvellous. I felt lucky to have such loving and supportive people around me. Especially my boss Madeleine at the Xocolatl Artisan Chocolate and Cafe who gave me longer breaks for me to finish my work on my laptop, and days off for my Perth Trip, and listened to my problems along the way. I have an amazing team and friends who believed in me and they never let me down.  I'm very happy that the fashion show was a success. I was the happiest when I realised “Hey, it's my first fashion show and it's with my Indonesian community." I feel very blessed to be able to do this!

Going thru Batik Batik's 2015 Collection while wearing a Batik dress myself!
Crunch time with one of the models!

Spring 2015 Collection "LA DOLCE VITA"

Doing final adjustments!

I'd like to give my heartfelt thanks to PPIA Curtin University for making Batik Batik part of it’s first major cultural fashion show! And to all my team, friends and family who showed their support all the way, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for helping me get thru this wonderful experience. Terima kasih!

Indulging on a selfie while working... it!

Coffee time at Standing Room Only Specialty Coffee, Perth. Loved them!

Photo Credits: PPIA Curtin.

Models lined up for Batik Batik fashion show at GAYANA event

One of the models on the runway at the Tavern.
Anggi of Lovethread wearing Batik Batik's Olwen dress (exclusively made for her).

Get your piece at www.batikbatik.com.au now!
Or if you are in Melbourne, book an appointment at enquiry@batikbatik.com.au for 101 Styling and Fitting with me :)

With love,
Batik Batik

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Ielts VS Fashion

...a personal post by T in simple plain English

Studying ielts over beautiful cafe styled breakfast and hot chocolate? Why not :-) To me having different atmospheres here and there is important when it comes to studying.

At this very moment, I have run through 50 pages of the prep book (more like a print-out lol) and still have 15 more pages to go. I hope to be able to actually finish it in my one-sitting study session! But gosh, fashion is really luring me off studying (the Style mag to be exact) and I'm struggling to get out of it haha.

Pray for me! x

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-with love always-

Sunday, 4 August 2013

SNEAK-PEEK Batik Batik Spring 2013

Check it out loves! Behind the scenes of Batik Batik Spring 2013 Photoshoot!

"I'm always so excited when it comes to BB photoshoot, from choosing the model, watching the make up artist works her magic, gorgeous nail polish, to the so-cool-and-full-of-music photoshoot." - T

Thank you Yoan for being very patient with our demanding (possibly, annoying) team! We truly loved your work!

Couture-ly designed and made, BATIK BATIK one-off dresses in it's Spring 2013 Collection

Lovely Chantelle in one of our "unnamed" dresses.

From T:

I still couldn't believe that we pulled this off smoothly! Assisting my team all the way down from Melbourne Australia through SKYPE was a big challenge! Thanks guys! Marvellous job. x

Pretty blurry! Bad connection + some bad editing! Haha

The launch of the new collection is just around the corner!
We will shout the good news out, so sit tight and stay tuned! :)

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Have an amazing lay-back Sunday ladies! xo - BB

Saturday, 27 July 2013

I dream to dream, and to make it real.

...a personal post by T in plain simple english.

Last year was a struggle. Starting up a business was not an easy task, it has an art you must learn. I learned that you do not only need the proper plan, you also need to be eager enough to actually try to implement the plan.

State Regulations / Victorian Laws were so much easier to learn than to do the Market Research. Risks were there (they still are), but if I didn't take the chance to start the business I would have never known -clearly- what was out there; those opportunities and threats. My mentor Dennis once said: "The most accurate market research result you could get is when you get your products shipped out to touch the water. See it from there, clearly." (somewhere along the line; I wasn't able to track the actual saying, sorry Boss!)

So here I am, testing the water, playing around, having fun! :) Running a business is supposed to be fun isn't it? It's a no brainer to know that we will be defeated by many things; by the market, by the economy, by the competitors, by ourselves. But what makes good entrepreneurs GREAT is not how they try their best to stand still, it is how they get back up after the defeats, learn, and fight smarter.

Batik Batik is my baby. It's my third business so far (the first two are RIP). I will nurture it, I will work hard on it, I will -endlessly- love it, and I will bounce and hold the balloons tight. I will keep going and make this happens.

Everyone has their own dream within dream, and my personal one is to hug as many customers and fans of Batik Batik as possible if I get the honour to meet them in person. :)

From last year, when I was searching for a photo of Miranda Kerr wearing batik. Happy with how far we have come.

From the recent days, when we started being featured by Fashion, and also Graphic Design bloggers. (picture on the top left are from Design Is Yay and the one below it is from our official website)

I'm not sure there's any number of Facebook likes that can replace a hug. - Seth Godin, the best selling author.

Good night ladies x
Love from us always,