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Saturday, 27 July 2013

I dream to dream, and to make it real.

...a personal post by T in plain simple english.

Last year was a struggle. Starting up a business was not an easy task, it has an art you must learn. I learned that you do not only need the proper plan, you also need to be eager enough to actually try to implement the plan.

State Regulations / Victorian Laws were so much easier to learn than to do the Market Research. Risks were there (they still are), but if I didn't take the chance to start the business I would have never known -clearly- what was out there; those opportunities and threats. My mentor Dennis once said: "The most accurate market research result you could get is when you get your products shipped out to touch the water. See it from there, clearly." (somewhere along the line; I wasn't able to track the actual saying, sorry Boss!)

So here I am, testing the water, playing around, having fun! :) Running a business is supposed to be fun isn't it? It's a no brainer to know that we will be defeated by many things; by the market, by the economy, by the competitors, by ourselves. But what makes good entrepreneurs GREAT is not how they try their best to stand still, it is how they get back up after the defeats, learn, and fight smarter.

Batik Batik is my baby. It's my third business so far (the first two are RIP). I will nurture it, I will work hard on it, I will -endlessly- love it, and I will bounce and hold the balloons tight. I will keep going and make this happens.

Everyone has their own dream within dream, and my personal one is to hug as many customers and fans of Batik Batik as possible if I get the honour to meet them in person. :)

From last year, when I was searching for a photo of Miranda Kerr wearing batik. Happy with how far we have come.

From the recent days, when we started being featured by Fashion, and also Graphic Design bloggers. (picture on the top left are from Design Is Yay and the one below it is from our official website)

I'm not sure there's any number of Facebook likes that can replace a hug. - Seth Godin, the best selling author.

Good night ladies x
Love from us always,

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