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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Mystery Scarves and the Lovers

Last week we hit the mark! 1000+ LIKES on our FB page! Feeling generous, we decided to do a Batik Batik giveaway :)

We gave away 4 batik scarves to 4 lucky ladies and they were thrilled to bits! It's a pleasure to see that it created great impression, and knowing the fact that it would be their first batik is just amazing. "OMG that's stunning!! Thank you so much I love it. Think I'm a batik convert now!!" shouts Lousie, one of the winners :)

We will have the gorgeous scarves dispatched tomorrow and we couldn't be more excited! We also gave 15% OFF all scarf collection on Batik Batik e-boutique to the ladies who didn't win the scarf. Happiness is everywhere!


"I can't wait to see them wearing the scarves!" says T.

Check lovely Morgan out in her mystery scarf which she won over our last competition!
She looks stunning!


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