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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Ielts VS Fashion

...a personal post by T in simple plain English

Studying ielts over beautiful cafe styled breakfast and hot chocolate? Why not :-) To me having different atmospheres here and there is important when it comes to studying.

At this very moment, I have run through 50 pages of the prep book (more like a print-out lol) and still have 15 more pages to go. I hope to be able to actually finish it in my one-sitting study session! But gosh, fashion is really luring me off studying (the Style mag to be exact) and I'm struggling to get out of it haha.

Pray for me! x

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-with love always-

Sunday, 4 August 2013

SNEAK-PEEK Batik Batik Spring 2013

Check it out loves! Behind the scenes of Batik Batik Spring 2013 Photoshoot!

"I'm always so excited when it comes to BB photoshoot, from choosing the model, watching the make up artist works her magic, gorgeous nail polish, to the so-cool-and-full-of-music photoshoot." - T

Thank you Yoan for being very patient with our demanding (possibly, annoying) team! We truly loved your work!

Couture-ly designed and made, BATIK BATIK one-off dresses in it's Spring 2013 Collection

Lovely Chantelle in one of our "unnamed" dresses.

From T:

I still couldn't believe that we pulled this off smoothly! Assisting my team all the way down from Melbourne Australia through SKYPE was a big challenge! Thanks guys! Marvellous job. x

Pretty blurry! Bad connection + some bad editing! Haha

The launch of the new collection is just around the corner!
We will shout the good news out, so sit tight and stay tuned! :)

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Have an amazing lay-back Sunday ladies! xo - BB