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Monday, 21 January 2013

everything is much appreciated

...a personal post by T in plain simple english.

Just a short post to show how thankful I feel for all the love and supports from Batik Batik's lovely customers, likers, fellow bloggers, and of course Batik Batik team. You guys are the best, sometimes it actually makes me all teary to think of you and your supports.

THANK YOU.... Everything is much appreciated.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

a wedding gift for angie of lovethread!

From Batik Batik S/S 12/13

The Olwen Dress was named after the lady in a Welsh legend who was  a beautiful maiden and  lover of Culhwch and the daughter of the giant Ysbaddaden. In the story, Olwen's father insisted that Culhwch complete several impossible tasks before taking her hand in marriage and he did. With this story it seemed fitting to name this design after the white, fair and blessed lady. 

The Olwen Dress from Batik Batik was created for Angie (who is behind the blog "Love Thread"). Like Olwen, Angie is now on her way to settling down. Angie/Love Thread has only started doing a collaboration with Batik Batik but in such a short time we built a strong bond in fashion, and having shared Batik Baik's love for Bohemian and a personal flair for vintage, we decided to create a design exclusively for her as a wedding gift. Angie will be getting married very soon and we're very happy to see her walk the aisle! 

In the future Batik Batik will be venturing into exclusive designs by request. For more information please feel free to contact us thru the website. For now you can enjoy our current collections (Spring and Summer Sweetheart 2013). Visit and shop at our online store: www.batikbatik.com.au!  

Lovely Angie in Batik Batik's Olwen Dress