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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Ielts VS Fashion

...a personal post by T in simple plain English

Studying ielts over beautiful cafe styled breakfast and hot chocolate? Why not :-) To me having different atmospheres here and there is important when it comes to studying.

At this very moment, I have run through 50 pages of the prep book (more like a print-out lol) and still have 15 more pages to go. I hope to be able to actually finish it in my one-sitting study session! But gosh, fashion is really luring me off studying (the Style mag to be exact) and I'm struggling to get out of it haha.

Pray for me! x

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-with love always-

Sunday, 4 August 2013

SNEAK-PEEK Batik Batik Spring 2013

Check it out loves! Behind the scenes of Batik Batik Spring 2013 Photoshoot!

"I'm always so excited when it comes to BB photoshoot, from choosing the model, watching the make up artist works her magic, gorgeous nail polish, to the so-cool-and-full-of-music photoshoot." - T

Thank you Yoan for being very patient with our demanding (possibly, annoying) team! We truly loved your work!

Couture-ly designed and made, BATIK BATIK one-off dresses in it's Spring 2013 Collection

Lovely Chantelle in one of our "unnamed" dresses.

From T:

I still couldn't believe that we pulled this off smoothly! Assisting my team all the way down from Melbourne Australia through SKYPE was a big challenge! Thanks guys! Marvellous job. x

Pretty blurry! Bad connection + some bad editing! Haha

The launch of the new collection is just around the corner!
We will shout the good news out, so sit tight and stay tuned! :)

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Have an amazing lay-back Sunday ladies! xo - BB

Saturday, 27 July 2013

I dream to dream, and to make it real.

...a personal post by T in plain simple english.

Last year was a struggle. Starting up a business was not an easy task, it has an art you must learn. I learned that you do not only need the proper plan, you also need to be eager enough to actually try to implement the plan.

State Regulations / Victorian Laws were so much easier to learn than to do the Market Research. Risks were there (they still are), but if I didn't take the chance to start the business I would have never known -clearly- what was out there; those opportunities and threats. My mentor Dennis once said: "The most accurate market research result you could get is when you get your products shipped out to touch the water. See it from there, clearly." (somewhere along the line; I wasn't able to track the actual saying, sorry Boss!)

So here I am, testing the water, playing around, having fun! :) Running a business is supposed to be fun isn't it? It's a no brainer to know that we will be defeated by many things; by the market, by the economy, by the competitors, by ourselves. But what makes good entrepreneurs GREAT is not how they try their best to stand still, it is how they get back up after the defeats, learn, and fight smarter.

Batik Batik is my baby. It's my third business so far (the first two are RIP). I will nurture it, I will work hard on it, I will -endlessly- love it, and I will bounce and hold the balloons tight. I will keep going and make this happens.

Everyone has their own dream within dream, and my personal one is to hug as many customers and fans of Batik Batik as possible if I get the honour to meet them in person. :)

From last year, when I was searching for a photo of Miranda Kerr wearing batik. Happy with how far we have come.

From the recent days, when we started being featured by Fashion, and also Graphic Design bloggers. (picture on the top left are from Design Is Yay and the one below it is from our official website)

I'm not sure there's any number of Facebook likes that can replace a hug. - Seth Godin, the best selling author.

Good night ladies x
Love from us always,

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Mystery Scarves and the Lovers

Last week we hit the mark! 1000+ LIKES on our FB page! Feeling generous, we decided to do a Batik Batik giveaway :)

We gave away 4 batik scarves to 4 lucky ladies and they were thrilled to bits! It's a pleasure to see that it created great impression, and knowing the fact that it would be their first batik is just amazing. "OMG that's stunning!! Thank you so much I love it. Think I'm a batik convert now!!" shouts Lousie, one of the winners :)

We will have the gorgeous scarves dispatched tomorrow and we couldn't be more excited! We also gave 15% OFF all scarf collection on Batik Batik e-boutique to the ladies who didn't win the scarf. Happiness is everywhere!


"I can't wait to see them wearing the scarves!" says T.

Check lovely Morgan out in her mystery scarf which she won over our last competition!
She looks stunning!


Friday, 5 July 2013

Weekend NEWS: End of Season SALE!

Jumping into a brand new month this July! End of Season Sale for Autumn/Winter 2013/2014

A lot of things happening for Batik Batik this month!

This week we just launched our Autumn/Winter 2013 End of Season Sale. Imagine all these exquisite collection of Batik designs at 50% OFF! That's HALF the price for a luxury that's waiting to be adorned! On top of that, there's FREE SHIPPING! Now that's something you shouldn't miss out. So I urge you fellow fashionistas to go visit our online store and make these beautiful designs exclusively yours.

We're making the rounds this month. Batik Batik's Autumn/Winter End of Season Sale is now featured at Stylezilla. Check it out! http://www.stylezilla.com.au and on July 12th, Batik Batik will be up on http://www.dropdeadgorgeousdaily.com

We still have a lot going on as we jumpstart the month of July. Keep liking us at http://www.facebook.com/batikbatik.au and follow us on Twitter: @batikbatik_au for more updates. 

It's a really exciting time for me & the entire Batik Batik Team. 

Much love to y'all!


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

First Profile Feature ever! (BUSET)

We are moving towards something GOOD, aren't we? :)

Here is the English translation for BUSET - online's Profile Feature on Tirta Rahmawati or "T" for short, Batik Batik's Creative Director.  This copy was included in the goody bag at the 8th Indonesian Film Festival Melbourne which was held from 26th Apr to 1st May 2013.

Original page in Bahasa


"Our goal now is to showcase to the world's Batik (starting here in Australia) and the potential of batik not only as a traditional art form, but how it can adapt to contemporary or at times, couture fashion."

The word 'Batik' is familiar to the Indonesian. Even the world has acknowledged that Batik comes from Indonesia. Many local and international designers use batik as a base material for their designs.

Did you know that in Australia, there is a designer who uses the Indonesian batik as a design basis? Remarks by the community were quite positive. From the time it was launched in the beginning of 2012 until now, the label 'Batik-Batik' by Tirta Rahmawati is still running and loved by its admirers. Who is Tirta? This is how she describes herself: "I am just a simple girl yet with so much ambition living this life. I want to be one of those who pushes the boundaries, who questions the status quo. With Batik, I find these challenges that I have always sought after", she said opening the conversation.

The Batik and its style, once had seemed monotonous, has become very trendy at the hands of Tirta. "Back in 2012 was when I started to think that this journey could be fun as there is an exciting future to bring Batik into the world of fashion of Australia seeing how unique batik is," said the sweet girl.

Started in 2012, with a colleague, they started off their career in the fashion world. Unfortunately, her business partner had to stop in the middle of the road and this made Tirta have to walk alone to take care of business. "I am moving forward to making this dream into a reality and I'm here now".

The effort would not pay off without the support of people around. Tirta's family initially had doubts about her chosen path, but over time, the whole family has seen the results of hard work and tenacity of this woman - who is a Marketing Management graduate - in the fashion world. "They have come to realise that this is my true passion. I want to establish and to be successful in fashion and I have been working hard to get to where the business deserves." 

Although Melbourne is known to be one of the most liveable cities in the world, it cannot be denied that when you shop here - the consideration for budget is very high. Tirta's aware of the high cost of raw materials and resources for Batik. However, the uniqueness of batik design, justifies the price and she finds it fairly reasonable. Moreover if you view of its history, batik is something worth buying. 

Tirta recognised and gained inspiration for designing from many sources, including her own life's journey while also seeing the beauty of women. "I want women to be proud of themselves and to never settle with what is happening around them. I'm not saying "go extreme", but to look stunningly different and beautiful is what we should all aim for," she said firmly.

Supported by the development of today's fashion world more open and spacious, a lot of young fashion designers who come up with the label independent, wrestle them in a healthy competition. After all, every good design will have its own charm and uniqueness.

As Tirta is pursuing a career in the fashion world, there is definitely a dream to be exhibiting works at Melbourne Fashion Week or Jakarta Fashion Week. But of course this is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand and Tirta has admitted this. This is why Tirta always focuses on what she's doing at the same time trying to collaborate with several other designers to create a fashion show  together someday. "We would love to do a collaboration with new young fashion designers and with other business be it shoes, hats, accessories, etc. I am very open to collaborations, it is very exciting, and I think it is what makes things work nowadays. I am very keen to sit and discuss plans, anytime," she concluded.

Batik Batik designs by Tirta  can be purchased online from the site http://www.batikbatik.com.au/.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

This is it! BB F/W 2013/14

Dear ladies,

It has been a long journey for Batik Batik team to make this happen.
The launch of the Fall/Winter Collection 2013/14 will be a real achievement to us as we are revealing an exciting new system which we believe our fans will love! Well, *fingers crossed* but with full of hope!

And most importantly, we are bringing out the beauty that reflects perfection in a delicate piece of clothing. A work of Art, that reflects our love for this heritage. Be ready, own it and feel the passion within!

New collection will be up on www.batikbatik.com.au VERY SOON!
Be notified by liking us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/batikbatik.au
and on Twitter: @batikbatik_au

Stay Tuned

xoxo, BB

Monday, 21 January 2013

everything is much appreciated

...a personal post by T in plain simple english.

Just a short post to show how thankful I feel for all the love and supports from Batik Batik's lovely customers, likers, fellow bloggers, and of course Batik Batik team. You guys are the best, sometimes it actually makes me all teary to think of you and your supports.

THANK YOU.... Everything is much appreciated.


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

a wedding gift for angie of lovethread!

From Batik Batik S/S 12/13

The Olwen Dress was named after the lady in a Welsh legend who was  a beautiful maiden and  lover of Culhwch and the daughter of the giant Ysbaddaden. In the story, Olwen's father insisted that Culhwch complete several impossible tasks before taking her hand in marriage and he did. With this story it seemed fitting to name this design after the white, fair and blessed lady. 

The Olwen Dress from Batik Batik was created for Angie (who is behind the blog "Love Thread"). Like Olwen, Angie is now on her way to settling down. Angie/Love Thread has only started doing a collaboration with Batik Batik but in such a short time we built a strong bond in fashion, and having shared Batik Baik's love for Bohemian and a personal flair for vintage, we decided to create a design exclusively for her as a wedding gift. Angie will be getting married very soon and we're very happy to see her walk the aisle! 

In the future Batik Batik will be venturing into exclusive designs by request. For more information please feel free to contact us thru the website. For now you can enjoy our current collections (Spring and Summer Sweetheart 2013). Visit and shop at our online store: www.batikbatik.com.au!  

Lovely Angie in Batik Batik's Olwen Dress