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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

the first 5 days at home

...a personal post by T in plain simple english.

It was a long flight, but I'm finally here now at the best spot in town called "MY HOME".
Image: Kemang Pratama Residence, Bekasi.

So, here I am, and missing Australia already. Why? Well, I wouldn't say I was that disappointed because I knew it was coming; my internet connection has been very slow and breaking down which is why I have not been able to do my work properly. This is my first blogpost since I had reached here 5 days ago. 

That being said, I have had everything figured out and my schedules are in place, hopefully everything goes smoothly until when I will have to go back! SO EXCITED! *fingers crossed* xx

The net connection was being nice with me... Facebook is now live!
#OOTD (from left to right: To a Batik Workshop. To see my Indo friend from Sydney)
What a shame, all my batik clothes had not been steamed when I was in a rush leaving the house for the workshop!
#OOTD (A silk batik scarf to upgrade my casual meeting outfit - Love it!)

#OOTD I feel like a jumpsuit!
This #OOTD-stuff will be updated as I write more posts about my Indonesia journey!



1. Batik Workshop

2. Batik Batik Meetings - New Materials & Potentials On Board! 

3. Batik Batik on a hunt (H/S 12/13 and F/W 13)!


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