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Sunday, 21 October 2012

batik: an exquisite wearable art

So we guess batik is spreading it's wings. In fact, "it's a world-wide phenomena" says Dave Raya freelance ethno-photographer whose passion is to create understanding between the people, cultures, civilisations, faiths & world-views of our globe.

Do not mistaken batik with printed fabrics. Although batik has been internationally acknowledged and actually being used by quite a few local and international designers in their collections, many people still see it as a tropical flowered piece of clothing instead of a work of art. The methods of creating batik are very intricate, it makes batik stands out of the crowd; and naming itself, an exquisite wearable art. x

And it took off...

Check out more on batik in-the-making at: The Art of Batik

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Batik Batik xo

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