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Wednesday, 24 October 2012


...a personal post by T in plain english.

Oh my, I have been sitting on my desk for 2 hours with my eyes on Youtube. Gotta admit that I could spend hours on that addictive site especially on the FashionTV channel! I could be so hooked up that there would be no such things called breakfast, lunch, and dinner.. (Don't judge me, I know! Haha.) 

Well, there was a sole purpose of actually opening it in the first place which is to get some inspiration for my upcoming designs (collaborating with my lovely designers! credits go to them).


Speaking about designing, Batik Batik will hopefully reveal its next collection before Christmas! Meanwhile, enjoy our 50% off discount on all items, free shipping and +++ more surprises from Batik Batik e-boutique! Oh dear.. who would want to miss such a beautiful thing?

Anyway, me's back to work. Have a sweet night guys! xo

T. (pronounce it: TEA. duh)

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